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Our award-winning training scheme for volunteers means that adults get as much from Scouting as our young people.

Scouting’s quality depends on its volunteers and our volunteers depend on Scouting to teach them the skills they need.

National leader

Our modular training scheme delivers the full spectrum of required skills. Volunteers can choose training modules that are relevant to the role that they do, ranging from leadership to running residential experiences and first aid.

Our training scheme was recognised with a National Training Award from UK Skills. It is one of the reasons why we have managed to increase our volunteer numbers over the past few years, against the national trend.

Relevant skills

Over 90% of our volunteers believe that the skills and experiences they have gained through Scouting have been of relevance to their working or personal lives, so we’re certainly doing something right.

A study of volunteers found that more than two thirds of respondents reported a direct correlation between their volunteer experience within Scouting and gaining employment or career development.

Training in Scouting has also enabled volunteers to gain accreditation for Open College Network awards in Youth Work, and helped them to become associate members of the Institute of Leadership and Management and the Institute for Training and Occupational Learning.

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We are a vibrant, ambitious and confident Region with big plans for the future. I’m delighted to have an excellent team of dedicated volunteers supporting our work at  District and Group level.

Each week over 900 young people aged 6 – 18 enjoy a hugely enjoyable and active programme at one of the 8 groups across the District.



Beavers (From 6 up to 8)
Cubs (8 up to 10 ½)
Scouts (10 ½ up to 14)
Explorers (14 up to 18)
Network (18 up to 25)

We have more volunteers than ever… but we still need more!

More Volunteers

Scouting now has the largest number of volunteers than we’ve had in our entire history! The annual Census figures are out and show us that there’s an incredible amount of volunteers in Scouting, but that with a sky-high waiting list for young people, we still need more.


Here’s a snapshot of the top facts and figures:


Total membership today is 618,000 – up by 7.8% from last year’s total of 573,943!
We’re in our twelfth year of membership growth and Scouting continues to be the largest co-educational youth movement in the UK. There are now457,000 young people involved in Scouting across the UK, which means 457,000 young people’s lives are being enriched with Scouting skills to help better prepare them for the future.


UK Scouting now has a staggering 154,000 volunteers – the largest numbers of volunteers in our entire history! This correlates with Scouting’s increasingly flexible approach to volunteering, allowing more adults to help out casually. While this number is certainly an impressive one, we’re still in need of as many more volunteers as we can get our hands on. Scouting is becoming increasingly popular and although we have more volunteers than ever before, there’s still a need for more. Chief Commissioner Tim Kidd says: ‘I’m calling on adults who want to make a difference to the lives of young people in their communities to give Scouting a go. We know that not having enough time is the main barrier to volunteering among adults, which is why we want to make it easier by offering flexibility in a range of roles from Scout group leaders to administrative and trustee positions.’


The waiting list for young people wanting to join has skyrocketed to 51,000 – the highest it’s ever been! On the one hand, it’s wonderful to see how many young people are keen to join in the fun and how popular the Movement is, but on the other hand, it means there are still a lot of young people currently missing out. Despite having the largest number of volunteers we’ve ever had, the number of young people waiting to join has continued to grow. If you’re reading this and not already a volunteer, why not become one and help ensure more young people benefit from the opportunities Scouting offers?


The Cub section is currently the most popular of all Scouting sections. There are 158,000 members of the Cub section and nearly 2,000 have joined in the last 12 months.


The top 10 fastest growing locations (by percentage of overall Scouting membership) in the UK in 2015-16 are:

  • Mid Glamorgan
  • Northumberland
  • County Londonderry
  • Snowdonia and Anglesey
  • Durham
  • Lincolnshire
  • Norfolk
  • Avon
  • Merseyside
  • Central Yorkshire


Thanks to everyone involved in Scouting for your hard work over the past year, your adventurous nature and dedication to making Scouting an incredible experience for all young people. These results are a testament to everyone’s efforts at growing the Scouting community across the UK.


With such massive growth across the UK, we’re always looking for new volunteers to help young people gain skills for life. Find out more and join the adventure.

Five new Scout Ambassadors join the Movement


Ellie Blog

The Scout Association is delighted to announce that five well-known figures will be joining the Scout Ambassador team, to raise awareness of Scouting’s invaluable work helping young people develop skills for life. 

The new ambassadors are Paralympic gold medallist Ellie Simmonds, Olympic gold medallist Helen Glover, TV presenters Anita Rani and Steve Backshall, and adventurer Megan Hine. They join current Scout Ambassadors, including Chris Evans, Ed Stafford and Julia Bradbury, as positive role models for young people.

Anita Blog

Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, was proud to welcome the five ambassadors to the Scouting family. ‘Like our other volunteers and supporters, they are incredible role models for young people, embodying our values and inspiring the next generation,’ he said. ‘Each of them brings their own unique skills and talents and I know will help shine a light on Scouting’s amazing work. Thank you to each and every one.’

Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner, said that he hoped the ambassadors would inspire the volunteers and young people of the future. ‘Along with our current ambassadors and volunteers, I know they will champion our Scout values and support us in growing the Movement, helping more young people develop skills for life,’ Tim said. ‘As flexible volunteers themselves, they show how supporting Scouting can fit around busy lives. I wish Ellie, Anita, Megan, Helen and Steve well on their new journey and look forward to working with them.’

Steve Blog

The five ambassadors will be encouraging more adults to join as volunteers. As testament to Scouting’s popularity, there are over 46,000 young people on waiting lists around the country, meaning more volunteers than ever are needed to help with the demand and give young people the opportunity to join the Scout Movement.

UK Youth Commissioner, Hannah Kentish, thanked the new ambassadors and welcomed them to their role, on behalf of all the young people in Scouting. ‘Scout Ambassadors are inspiring role models for the UK’s 580,000 Scouts,’ she said. ‘We’re honoured that Ellie, Helen, Anita, Steve and Megan have chosen to join our volunteer team, helping showcase the amazing work Scouting does every week, developing skills for life.’

Helen Blog

As well as announcing our new Scout Ambassadors today, we are delighted to announce that Bear Grylls has accepted an offer to remain as Chief Scout until 2020. This follows a full consultation with the Council of The Scout Association and a recommendation from the Board of Trustees.

Since his appointment in 2009, Bear has proved an outstanding figurehead for Scouting, spearheading a period of strong membership growth.

Tim Kidd said: ‘By championing our values, improving public perception and inspiring our members, Bear has helped Scouting go from strength to strength, valued by parents and respected by the public at large, attracting more young people and adult volunteers. We thank Bear for his tireless support of our work, both locally and nationally.’

Meg Blog

Look out for the Scout Ambassadors in the media, online and at national events in the near future. Due to time commitments, local requests for appearances cannot currently be met, but if you have an enquiry relating to the Scout Ambassadors, please contact


BB Pumpkin Late

Four wonderful wintery activities to enjoy with your young people.

Craft-Homemade ornaments to get festive

Get ready to transform your home with these crafty homemade decorations.

BB Pompom

Indoor- rhyming activity

Put your lyrical abilities to the test with this rhyming activity.

BB Rhyme

Outdoor-Weed weaving

Create your own masterpiece by getting arty with the weeds growing in your garden or local woodland area.

Bb Weed Weave

Food-Pumpkin latte

You can’t beat a warming festive coffee. Here’s a recipe to make your own.

BB Pumpkin Late

Take a look at last week’s boredom busters.



Frosty Hosty

11th – 13th November 2016

Explorers from across the county are invited to Frosty Hosty as it returns to Great Potheridge House, Mid Devon.

Contact County Explorer Scout Leader, Kevin Chamberlain for more details.

Run to the Fun Consultation Day – 17th Sept 2016

I was really excited to visit Exeter race course where the next Run To The Fun is due to be held in summer 2018.  We explored its grounds by foot and minibus and I could really see that it’s an amazing site with loads of potential.


We then went over to Bovey Tracey scout hut to and discussed ideas for promotion, activities and organisation of the camp.  We talked about Scouts and Explorers who are staying the week and the Beavers and Cubs fun day whilst eating doughnuts!


For the last year’s  Run to the Fun I was lucky enough to visit for the day and I really enjoyed the trapeze and racing on the Segways so I suggested them again and also quad biking because I’ve always wanted to do it! The whole run to the fun team really made me feel welcomed and my ideas were included in the plans.


Over all I think that it’s going to be an amazing adventure and worth getting  involved in because young peoples’ ideas are getting listened to. There is loads of experience in the team and they are hoping to attract both national and international scouts to this fantastic event.   I can’t wait!


By Lily Coton

1st south Zeal Scout





New DC for MidDevon District

DC interviewsmall

As most of you know we have a new District Commissioner.

In the interests of youth shaped scouting we set up an interview panel with Scouts from South Zeal scout group and an explorer from mid Devon Red Bulls.

The new DC, Trevor Waycott, explained his vision for the future and hopes for improvement in communication. His idea is to create a system were everyone can successfully share ideas and develop plans.  With office 365 he hope to achieve this with personal logins for everyone in Mid Devon Scouting so we can communication effectively . He believes that youth shaped scouting is important for all the sections with high hopes for an all section camp for all of Mid Devon.  This camp is not going to be easy but might happen in a few years.  We think that this would be a great opportunity for the district. Over all we think that our district could benefit from his leadership and we can’t wait to hear more about his plans to improve Mid Devon.

this is the article written by scouts Lily, Beth and Tom,





The Big Friendly Read, Summer Reading Challenge 2016



This is a programme produced by The Reading Agency, delivered by libraries.   The annual Summer Reading Challenge encourages children to read during the long summer holidays when children’s reading can ‘dip’.  This year, libraries are celebrating the storyteller Roald Dahl.

Taking part

Children can sign up at their local library, then read six library books of their choice.  They will be given a fold-up card wallet when they join and, as they read books, they will receive special collector cards with brilliant artwork by Quentin Blake.  Each card celebrates a popular Dahl theme such as ‘mischief’ or ‘adventure’.  Some are smelly!

When children complete the challenge they will receive a medal and certificate.  If they take part at Okehampton Library and complete the challenge, they may also win a random,    spot-prize.

Joining is FREE.  Children can join at the launch at Okehampton Library on Saturday 16th July from 9.00 until 1.00.  Or, if they cannot make it to the launch, they can just call into their local library this summer to join.  The challenge runs from Saturday 16th July until      Saturday 10th September.

At Okehampton Library there will be various free craft activities taking place this summer inspired by Roald Dahl stories.  Details of these events can be found by looking on the library website or by dropping into Okehampton Library.


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