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  Nights away Form

Shooting Activity Information Parental Permission Form Shooting Form
Activity information form: Activity information form (FS120081)
Adult information form print friendly version (PDF)
Adult information form editable version (PDF)
Young person information form print friendly version (PDF)
Young person information form editable version (PDF)
ID Checking Form print friendly version (PDF)
ID Checking Form editable version (PDF)

Quality Programme Checkers

Please download and distribute these QPCs. They are a fantastic aid to guide us all through the process of planning with the new Programme. They are not a way of telling folk they are getting it wrong but a way of helping us all to get the most out the new Programme Refresh

Quality-Proramme-Checker_Beaver Quality-Proramme-Checker_Beaver
Quality-Programme-Checker_Scouts Quality-Programme-Checker_Scouts
Quality-Proramme-Checker_Cubs Quality-Proramme-Checker_Cubs
Quality-Proramme-Checker_Explorer Quality-Proramme-Checker_Explorer