About Explorers

Fancy joining one of the fastest growing sections of scouting that is open to all young people aged between 13 ½ and 18. Dedicated to ensuring your life is jam packed full of new opportunities and adventures.

Explorers are the fourth section of the Scouting family after Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Explorers will develop core life skills whilst in the section, these skills will help in later life. These skills include team building and leadership.

Explorers can take part in a list of over 200 activities from outdoor events to life changing international campaigns. We get involved in everything from climbing, expeditions, community issues and even D Of E, media and social networking. It’s all in there and we want you to be part of it

Not all Units meet every week, partly due to activities, holidays, exams and the other commitments that crop up in a teenager’s life, and also because Explorers tend to get out and about at weekends more often than others